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Who Is this King of Glory?

Who is this King of Glory?  With the image of Jesus on the cross, recall Isaiah 53:3:He was despised and rejected by men;    a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grie...

He Leads Them In Repentance

King Josiah led his people in a magnificent building campaign to beautify their temple. But it all came to a screeching halt when the Book of the Law, neglected for ge...

Wayward Wisdom

We had hoped the young King Solomon, in his request to the Lord for wisdom, would avoid the typical temptations that come with power and prestige. But the frailty of t...

A Listening Heart

If you had only one wish, what would it be?The young King Solomon asked not for long life, nor riches, nor victory over his enemies. We learn from the story in I Kings...

The Man's Choice

If we claim to live as a servant of God, a doulos tou theou, we must reckon with the daily choice: Do I serve and protect my own interests and my own life? Or serve th...

A Complicated Character

Who is the real David? On the one hand, a humble shepherd boy who courageously obeys the Lord and is anointed king of Israel. On the other hand, adulterer and murderer...

A Shepherd Turns Predator

Not long after the Lord establishes his shepherd, David, over his people Israel, does King David turn to devour his own flock. Bored and distracted at home while his a...

Who Builds? Whose House?

Safe from his enemies and finally secure in his own palace, King David desires to build the Lord a house of cedar. The Lord reminds David through His prophet Nathan th...

Searching For a Leader

Constantly searching for impressive candidates - from elected officials, to job postings, to new recruits on parish councils - we hope to find leaders in whom we can t...

Why Are We Astonished?

Good leaders manage expectations. Good leaders provide clarity and a path forward to eliminate surprise and disappointment. Since the beginning, the Lord makes it cle...

Beware Consolation Before Crucifixion

Looking to Romans 8, Fr. Paul Hodge shares how the Apostle Paul connects and orders the relationship between the servant of God and the son of God. Sharing in the inhe...

Careful What You Wish

"Whatever you wish that men would do to you, do so to them." The Gospel of Matthew turns our desires into a charge to serve one another.

Thy Kingdom Come

With each new year, the Lord's Prayer sets the goal and direction for those who pray, "Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done."

Your Father Knows What You Need

A Father provides for His children, and Our Father in Heaven knows what you need before you even ask.

Roadmap to Parish Health

Fr Evan Armatas discusses how the Great Commission is inextricably linked to parish health.

In Order To Be Seen

Fr. Timothy Lowe turns to Matthew's Gospel which critiques our motivations surrounding Black Friday and Giving Tuesday in light of Christ's Sermon on the Mount.

Above Reproach

We look to the Apostle Paul's letter to Timothy to understand what is expected of bishops and deacons, leaders of the Church.

Clarifying Questions

The story of the Good Samaritan and the inverted question Jesus asks, "Who was neighbor to that man?" clarifies the question asked by the lawyer to tempt Jesus.


The Lord used the other nations as an instrument of judgment against Israel, but they have overstepped. Incapable of payback, the Lord will requite their deeds upon th...

Beyond Basic

It's basic human behavior to love those who love you. Loving your enemies and praying for those who persecute you is the instruction Jesus gives to move beyond the ba...

Entrusted With The Keys

Blaise Webster examines the original Hebrew for "image and likeness" and its implications for man who exercises dominion over the earth.

Contempt and Corruption

Driven by base appetites, the sons of Eli abused their priestly office and treated the offering of the Lord with contempt.

Keeping Promises

Hannah exemplifies what we seek in our leaders - one who negotiates for the sake of all and makes good on her promises.

The Source of Recognition

Like the disciples who were unable to recognize Jesus on the road to Emmaus, our own expectations cloud our vision. Like the disciples, opening Scripture is our only ...

For the Next Generation

After 40 years of leading God's people in the desert, it may seem harsh that Moses was not allowed to enter the Promised Land. The final scene in Deuteronomy makes it ...

Who Feeds Whom?

Dn. Henok Elias opens Ezekiel 34 where leaders are criticized for growing wealthy, fat, and clothed, on the backs of those they are supposed to serve.

Why Argue When the Lord Provides?

When Moses provides a litany of excuses, the Lord provides the plan, the mouth, and the words, eliminating all excuses.

Who Am I?

When the Lord commissions Moses to bring the sons of Israel out of Egypt, Moses questions, "Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh?" We learn it's not about, "who am I?"...

A Foundational Calling

Simon Peter, in obedience to the Master's instruction, cast his net into the deep. One might think he'd won the lottery with the loads of fish retrieved. Instead, Sim...

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